We in The North Wing are all friends and as close to one another as we can be online.
We support each other when needed, and we share the laughter and the brilliant atmosphere
we have in our forum.
We DON'T do rumors or the Drama, so please leave us alone.
If you want to believe that Sarah is Gypsy...that is your choice.... 
and you are entitled to your opinion.
But....Please DO NOT try to impose your opinions on others....
just as you have the right to your opinion...
so others have a right to theirs.

The North Wing Management want to make it clear to everyone, WE DON'T CARE!!
We knew and loved Gypsy...and we now know and love Sarah,
If they are one and the same person...WE DON'T CARE!
So please stop sending us e mails and face book messages, 
because you are only going to be ignored.
Stop harassing TNW members
Lets put this to rest.
Thank you

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  1. omg, I do soooooo love you!

    I hope your New Year is brilliant, babe, hugz