Kel's Alicats Cluster frames and tags

For christmas Kel's Alicats Designers gave their CT's
a fantastic gift. Since the gift is only for the CT team,
others can not purchase it and we cannot share it
so I made two cluster frames from the two scraps
that I will post here for download
The first kit is from Alison-Hungry Hill

Here is the cluster I made from it

Here is the tag I made with the cluster & tube that goes with the kit

The second scrapkit was made by Cat-LadyHawwk Designs

Here is the cluster frame I made from Cat's Kit

Here is the tag I made with LadyHawwk kit and tube

Download Clusters Here

Remember Cluster frames are PU/FTU ONLY
do not share/read TOU enclosed
If you use please send me the results
so I can put it in my gallery

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